Who Is It For

Who is Silvatree for

The Silvatree trade can be employed to increase profits and cash flow for a wide range of businesses. If you think it’s not for you then challenge us and one of our experienced advisors will take a look at your business and explain how Silvatree can be used in your specific situation to increase your profitability.

Anyone with something to sell

Whether you are a charity wanting to raise more funds, a one-man band, start-up, or small business, Silvatree is about creating a new economic community where the members trade with each other to make everybody more profitable and sustainable.

You don’t have to be limited company or formally constituted

As long as you are verified and willing to accept our terms of trading to sell goods or services on Silvatree, you can join.

All you need is a product or service to sell

Using Silvatree you trade your goods or services in return for Silva and then use Silva to pay for your business expenses, which are other members’ goods and services.

Explainer video

Watch our video to find out how Silvatree can help take your business to the next level reducing your expenses and improving your cash flow and profits.