How It Works

How it Works

Click on the boxes below to see how bartering saves you cash and some real examples that illustrate how both parties benefit from the trade.

How it Saves Cash

See how the trade silva results in extra cash for you

Cleaner and Solicitor

An example trade showing a basic trade and how both parties benefit

Restaurant and Printer

An example showing how bartering is more efficient than offering discounts

Membership Benefits

There are numerous benefits to joining Silvatree some of which are outlined below.

Get large discounts on all your expenses

Whenever you pay for expenses with Silva you get a discount equivalent to whatever your gross profit margin is in your business.s

Interest Free Credit Clearing Facility

Silvatree provides an interest-free credit clearing facility reducing the cost of funding working capital.

Realise value of under-utilised assets

Rather than discount your spare capacity in a promotion or sale, Silvatree allows you to sell it at full price. You can also accept payment partly in cash to cover your costs if you need to.

Access to Networking Events

We hold free regular events for Silvatree members to network with other local businesses and share best practices.

Advisory Board

If you have a business issue then other members will be ready to offer advice. There is also an advisory panel that will assess the issue and put you in touch with an expert.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

You can save on high recruitment costs by retaining good employees. Show your appreciation by opening employee accounts and paying them bonuses in Silva at a lower cost to you.

Give more to your favourite Charities

With Silva you can afford to be more generous to your favourite charities. We also donate 50% of our transaction fees to support local community initiatives.

Explainer video

Watch our video to find out how Silvatree can help take your business to the next level reducing your expenses and improving your cash flow and profits.