Expand Your Business Through Barter

Often, credit is hard to come by as banks prefer to finance government, debt and big corporations. They are not so keen to support small and medium enterprises and bank credit is unreliable since it is almost never there when you actually need it.

By joining Silvatree, you will have access to a new interest free line of credit and a new customer base that can generate repeat business you otherwise wouldn’t have had and give you an edge over your competitors. These new customers will also generate free extra-word-of-mouth advertising for your business that will in turn generate extra business.

Many businesses have spare capacity. Spare capacity is an asset that is underutilised and by being a member of the Silvatree Exchange you can access the value of this asset in the most efficient way possible.

As a member you will receive a discount on your business expenses that are sourced through the exchange and this will lead to increased revenue which your business can use to fund your expansion plans.